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Where are markets going?

Markets appear to be immune to the political turmoil that seems to hit the news daily. This robust stock market of ours has gone up 13.8% over the last year (S&P 500). You can draw a line right under it and there's no break to the downside whatsoever since the start of the year. So what’s causing this maelstrom of progress and should we be worried? Well, we have enjoyed global monetary expansion at a scale never seen before. There’s more money frothing around in the system and nowhere for it to go except for, what appears to be, into U.S. stocks. Stocks are far more attractive than bonds because yields are just do darn low to be attractive to investors. Technically, the S&P 500 enjoyed a ne

Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that allow money to change hands without the involvement of an intermediary bank. Each account holder has the same ledger as everyone else, thereby eliminating the risk of fraud. The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the newer Ethereum, have enjoyed dramatic run-ups in value against the dollar since January, with reaching highs of 100% and 4,000%, respectively. They have since come down (see chart below: Ethereum 1-year from Worldcoinindex.com). "The overall coin market has nearly doubled in value in two weeks and now exceeds $91bn, more than the market cap of Goldman Sachs."^1 Some of this demand can be attributed to the increasing desire to

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