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Be a winner with your investments in 2018

There’s no shortage of opportunity in the investment world in 2018. With a decade of low interest rates coupled with the passing of a major tax stimulus we may see markets go even higher next year. More than $1 trillion of cash overseas will be repatriated by S&P 500 companies beginning next year^1. They will be paying tax on this cash at the lowest rate in decades. Maybe the Republican intention behind these cuts is to help drive up employees’ wages but more likely it will encourage the payoff of corporate debt and repurchase of company stock. This would improve the health of America’s largest corporations and therefore drive up stock prices. Owning the S&P 500 may be all you need to do to

The New Tax Bill will impact your financial plan next year

With today's signing of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act by President Trump, we can look forward to an even more complex tax year in 2018. Here are some areas your financial plan could be impacted by the new rules. Cash flow Your cash flow could tighten with the new tax plan. Although the standard deduction will be twice as much as it is now, the personal exemption is going away. On top of that, deductions on property and state income tax will be capped at $10,000. Your payroll company may change withholding on your paychecks or you may end up owing more year-end. Real estate If you're planning on purchasing a new home, keep in mind that the mortgage interest deduction will be capped at $750,000. T

How to manage your money while living abroad

Life abroad is certainly glamorous and life-changing, but it doesn't come without its complications. Differences in culture, local laws, attitudes, currency, and maybe even a new language. Many of the same things that make living abroad fun! Only later does it become increasingly apparent that no financial institution wants your money. Let me explain. Being an American overseas means you will likely want a local checking account and investments, while retaining money in the U.S. Due to onerous restrictions and reporting obligations imposed by the U.S. government, more and more foreign financial institutions choose not to do business with U.S. citizens. Then what about keeping money at h

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