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Managing your cash flow while overseas

It's hard enough to live in another country, facing a new language or different culture, but dealing with a foreign currency is a whole new ballgame. If you have income from the U.S., due to fluctuations and volatility in exchange rates, you may see your income go up and down in local currency terms. It can create havoc on your cash flow and you may be forced to reduce expenses simply because of an unfavorable currency move. There are some ways, however, to make your life easier while being abroad. Start by creating a cash reserve in the local currency. These savings could be 3 to 6 months of living expenses and should be easily accessible should you need it. Having this available to you red

Is there inflation or not?

Economies with massive amounts of debt are highly subject to deflationary pressures. The United States is approaching $20 trillion in debt and with the new White House spending bill, add an additional $4.4 trillion. Then it’s no surprise that markets dropped more than 10% in late January as shocked investors digested reports of creeping inflation in the United States. But is there really inflation or not? I believe both are outcomes possible. This isn't, however, helpful when preparing an investment portfolio. In an inflationary situation, you want to hold commodities such as gold, oil, and some real estate. Deflation is when the cost of commodities and goods decline, so you'll want to k

Stocks and bonds fell, so what now?

Markets dropped more than 5% in the most turbulent week in 2 years. What made last week unique was that both stocks and bonds fell simultaneously. More often than not when stocks fall bonds go up as a place for investors to hide from volatility. The stock market has been dependant on low interest rates for 9 years and with the prospects of increasing rates pressure is mounting on both asset classes. The question for investors is where they can put their money for a reasonable return in light of these conditions? It's important to note that the speed in which the volatility occurred was a result from highly leveraged financial products abundant in the financial markets. People betting agains

A paradigm shift for investors

Normal markets exchange money between asset classes, a shift from bonds to stocks, for example. The Dow plunged again Monday and demonstrated how quickly money can vanish from the radar screen. Global inventors sold equity, bond, and commodity positions and went straight to cash. No investment was left untouched which demonstrates that the risk-off trade leaves few options other than buying the U.S. dollar. The dollar index was up 1.08%. since Friday. Friday's report on the strengthening of the U.S. economy will push the new and untested Federal Reserve Chair, Jay Powell, to raise interest rates sooner than expected. The tax cuts and repatriation of corporate offshore cash will further stimu

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