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The market's new trading range

The S&P 500 saw more volatility in the last two weeks than in the last two years. This is after a short-lived recovery from the first bout of volatility seen in late January. At both times, the market landed at a similar price, known as technical support. It seems that investors find the market too much of a bargain to ignore at around 2,600 on the S&P. (See chart) If the price drops below this number, it has the potential of falling further. Now may be a good time to check your investments and cut over-concentrated U.S. stocks. You can replace them with commodities, gold and oil, for example, which are now showing signs of newly forming strength. This could be part of the rising inflation t

Retire early by moving to Palm Springs (case study)

Ready to turn in the badge and call it quits? If retirement is calling your name, you may be wondering what's next, as you contemplate all that's involved. Planning for retirement can be an overwhelming exercise. Already facing a new Iifestyle, there are enormous financial decisions that have to be made. Make it easier on your pocketbook by retiring to Palm Springs. The cost of living is 32% less than San Francisco^1.  If you own a home, selling the highly valued asset may be enough to fund an early retirement in Palm Springs. Your other efforts from saving along with Social Security may be enough to take you to your goal. Hypothetical scenario: John, age 60, is single and eagerly want

Financial Planning Considerations for Expats

If you are lucky enough to live overseas, you face unique challenges that are all too familiar. Putting a financial plan together may help reduce some of the uncertainty around your finances as you navigate your way through a foreign system. Whether retired or working abroad, you may be struggling with understanding what your options are with buying or selling a home, moving cash overseas, obtaining insurance, and investing. Regardless of where you are on your journey, I hope that you’ll find this letter helpful. Real estate: If you’re in the market for a home, finding a mortgage can either be very difficult or expensive. A potential solution may include borrowing from current investments wi

Italy's election threaten free markets

As populism makes its way around the world electorate, new candidates spout their own protectionist rhetoric. This has special implications for investors who benefit from free trade and fair business practices. Without governments upholding these principals, this puts your money at risk and reallocation should be considered. Italy's election is between two anti-establishment, anti-EU parties that threaten European stability. If the center-right coalition wins, which looks likely, the Northern League party lead by Matteo Salvini "could end up in a position of power... a scenario that could disturb investors and EU policymakers."^1 Investors should be cautious of protectionist rhetoric, whethe

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