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Why you should launch your startup in Berlin

If you're interested in starting your venture abroad, there is no better option than Berlin. Besides being an amazing, international city with easy access to markets in Europe, the city also aims to be the most popular destination for startups. SoundCloud, GetYourGuide, and Rocket Internet are a few of the successful companies that have made their home there. Germany, and the EU as a whole, are becoming more welcoming to new businesses. With new pressure to compete with the U.S., it's also a solid bet that businesses would prefer a lower cost of living than San Francisco, where rent is 237% more costly than in Berlin.^6 Germany's tax incentives are available to those opening a new busine

New optimism takes hold in Europe, lead by Macron

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron's speech on trade in Paris in 2017 showcased his country's leadership on the very issues the U.S. is now hiding from. From increasing free trade, enhancing sovereignty and security, to promoting innovation, it's Europe's every intention to replace the U.S. as the leader of the free world. The U.S.'s new aggressive protectionism, lamenting $500 billion in tariffs and removing itself from the Asia/Pacific free trade pact, TPP, cements its new role as the backseat driver in the new conversation. Meanwhile, the European Commission finalized its free trade agreement with Japan, estimating 500,000 new jobs per member and billions of dollars adding to the

Changing the dark culture of Wall Street

When people hear news of eroding corporate culture, it's not uncommon to associate that with the likes of major financial institutions, a.k.a., Wall Street. It was them that brought us the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, as banks created bad debt and resold them as high-grade investments (^1). What may be less known, however, in the wake of the #metoo movement, is that Wall Street is again at the forefront of sexual harassment and bad behavior, re-illuminated by the recent investigative report, "Inhuman Resources," by HuffPost (^2) If you would like to see a change in corporate culture then you should know that you can make a difference. You might be thinking of roadblocks as the big banks a

World Cup as an investing strategy

The World Cup is more than just a $14.5 billion expense to the host nation. In 2018, over 3.4 billion people are expected to be viewing the event generating $6 billion in revenue (^1). The question worth asking is, with half of the world's population viewing and money moving with it, are there investment opportunities worth considering? At the last world cup in 2014, Brazil's GDP only grew by 1% after contributing $12 billion to infrastructure for the games. There were also charges of scandal and corruption in which $237 million was lost (^2). Brazilian stadiums that were built for the games are now used as parking lots for busses (^3) Russia, on the other hand, invested widely in their

How to invest during a trade war

A lot has happened with news of tariffs and the threat of a trade war. The U.S. dollar, as a consequence, rose against a basket of currencies as high as 6.6% since mid-April. A diversified investment portfolio that’s rightly invested in foreign developed and emerging stocks, suffered 6.5% and 10%, respectively, as a result. A strengthening dollar was to be expected as talk of tariffs hit headlines. Tariffs increase the price of imported goods so much that it significantly curtails demand for the currencies of exporting countries. Other reasons for a strong dollar are the Federal Reserve’s push for higher interest rates and the dropping supply of crude oil, which is priced in dollars, by Vene

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