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Europe’s shaky political results break the status quo

With the news consisting mainly of looming tariffs and movement toward a possible presidential impeachment, what was less apparent but something equally perilous was the European Union parliamentary elections taking place during the rise of populism not seen since WW2. Over the weekend, the people of Europe took part in EU elections. The results fractured the status quo pushing more of the far-right toward an established position, marginally, while left-leaning Green and liberal parties made significant gains. Traditionalist and centrists suffered the most. The results leave the management of the world’s third largest economic group divided with little hope of forming consensus, at least in

How to pick a stock as an investment

Investing in a company's equity, i.e. buying stock, is the riskiest yet most advantageous position you can put yourself in. There's no other financial force that can take your investment and turn it into an unlimited potential profit. However, everyone knows that buying stock does not always reap rewards and, in fact, you can experience some serious losses should the company, or the overall market, falter in any way. So how do you pick a stock that provides for a healthy upside yet limit the downside? The most fundamental question is to ask yourself why you're buying stocks, rather than bonds or high-yield money markets. It should be more than just to seek a quick profit. As attractive as th

How to sustain a bull market

If you want to cook up a bull market, you only need a few ingredients. Surprisingly, inflation and global growth are not required to get a rise out of this loaf. Instead, all you need is an accommodating Central Bank to circulate a record amount of cash along with a clear motivation to buy stocks. Cash is a key component for buying stocks in our ultra-low interest rate environment. This wasn’t the case historically when interest rates were higher; too much cash slowed growth and stagflated economies. The major difference here is that the biggest, US companies are sitting on record amounts of cash with nowhere to put it except for buying up their own stock. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

What are social responsible investments actually

With Beyond Meat (BYND) receiving its public offering of $240m last week followed by an immediate rise in its stock, bringing its market cap to $3.4b, investors are flocking to environmental-friendly innovation-tech. But what is socially responsible investing and how do you align your values with your investments? It's estimated that $12t of investments are allocated in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assets, compared with $46.6t of total assets under professional management. The iShares MSCI KLD 400 leads the pack as the largest ETF in this space with $1.3b invested. It defines itself as investing in “US securities that provides exposure to companies with outstanding (ESG) ratin

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