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Monetary equilibrium out the door as markets soar

Almost every market, U.S. stocks, bonds, oil, and even gold, soared last week after the Federal Reserve suggested a rate cut next month and the European Central Bank announced that they would resume their bond-buying program. The market’s reaction spells the end of normal market principals, where asset classes are supposed to perform out of unison and independently from each other. What we’ve seen describes a new reality as almost every asset class moved higher in unison. This challenges the long-held practice of diversifying a portfolio as a risk reduction tool in the event of a correction. So, what does this mean for the future of monetary policy and how should you manage risk going forwar

How to maximize Social Security and minimize Medicare premiums

It’s generally known that you can start Social Security benefits at any time from age 62 - 70, and that the longer you wait the greater amount you'll collect. What’s less known is that income in retirement from part-time work, pensions, or IRA distributions, your Social Security benefits become taxable, therefore netting a lower benefit. The same is true with Medicare insurance as the cost increases with income. It’s crucial to understand your income in retirement as you plan Social Security and Medicare. Here are a few strategies that may help improve your benefits. Income in retirement isn't just from employment but also from investment dividends and distributions from IRAs, 401(k)s, among

How to hedge a trade war

There's a new emerging threat to the global economy: Trump's tariffs. The U.S. is set to impose a 25% tariff on China and Mexico as of last Friday. American consumers will face the burden of increased costs far more than the exporting countries, even though is being misrepresented by the White House. This could set the stage for a drop in demand globally. Notably, oil futures plummeted 14% over the last two weeks, which is often used as a barometer for global demand. Although it's impossible to know what the full impact of this trade war will be, there are reasonable ways to insulate your portfolio from this risk. Stock volatility was most notably seen in emerging markets, including China, a

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