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A world in low-rates and what it means

The most important powers of a country’s central bank are how they set the short-term interest rate and monetary policy. The U.S. Federal Reserve may initiate a 0.5% rate cut this week and the European Central Bank (ECB) is also launching a significant cut of their own. The ECB is also contemplating the purchase of European equities, similar to Japan’s equity purchase program ^2. This reiteration of the same old market-stimulus programs and aggressive new strategies since the 2008 Financial Crisis, has serious consequences to future central bank powers and their abilities to manage a crisis in the future. This analysis is to describe what’s happening, the outlook for global growth, and what

How to minimize the cost of probate and taxes at death

A topic not often discussed at a dinner party is death, understandably. What’s less discussed is the cost of death and why it can be the most expensive financial event in someone’s, well, life. Probate is the fees, including legal and administrative, involved with allocating and distributing assets of a dead person’s estate. Without proper preparation in advance, and depending on what state you die in, probate fees can be as high as 5% of the gross, total value of an estate.^1 California, although it doesn’t have a state estate tax, has one of the most expensive probate charges.^2 These expenses are usually paid by the estate, but if the estate’s assets are illiquid, or held up, then the ben

How to move to Europe

So you're back from vacation and all you can think about is moving to Europe. Well, you're not alone. Roughly 1.6 million Americans live in Europe and are either working or are retired^1. There's no surprise that you can't just move to Europe, well, not at least without an action plan and an understanding of the rules. If you're serious, here are a few potential strategies. Whatever the financial stage you're in your life, be thoughtful of the need to provide for yourself now and in retirement. If you're planning on working, you'll need a saving and investing strategy to help grow your assets. This can be one of the most complex areas for new expats, as investing overseas can be fraught with

Under the Tuscan Sun; How Americans in Europe should invest

Those who live in Europe know all about enjoying the good life. Less is known about the complexity and limitations of investing. If you’re an American and also a resident of Europe, you're still subject to US tax-filing requirements. Here are some strategies to help your investments also enjoy the good life. Americans must report their income no matter where they are in the world. This also includes investment income. Simplifying how you invest will consequently simplify your tax situation. While this is an obtainable goal, there are limited options with how you may be able to invest. Most US financial institutions and all US mutual fund companies will not allow for your non-US residency.^1

Buying land for your next home

If you’re in the market to buy a house, you may have noticed the skyrocketing high prices and the enormous barrier to entry. Buying a house in a major U.S. city has become unaffordable for most people, especially if it’s a first purchase. What’s the alternative to playing the real estate market game and what about buying land to build from instead? With the Federal Reserve committed to keeping interest rates low, and possibly cutting in a few weeks, it’s plausible that house prices will continue to stay high. Low rates stimulate demand as mortgage products may become even cheaper, 3.5% on a 30 year, fixed, currently, according to bankrate.com. Buying land and constructing your own home may o

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