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Searching for opportunities in a sea of declines

Relative strength is a measure that helps investors evaluate investments relative to the general market. By many standards, we are now in a bear market, however, some equity groups have seen relative strength during the midst of constant and dramatic market declines. Understanding these groups could put us in a better position for when the market rebounds. Broad Market Analysis First, it’s important to note that the state of the market is serious. Investors are trying to price risks from the coronavirus and related future economic damage. This task becomes significantly more difficult when the federal government misleads on data or can’t settle on a substantial bailout for consumers. The S&P

Bear rejected by the market last-minute Friday

After a 20% decline from all-time highs in the S&P 500 within only a couple of weeks, it’s hard to imagine a return to normalcy. There definitely is a new normal forming, rife with volatility and a fast rush to safe assets in the face of bad news. Something like this was to be expected after 10 years of slow, consistent market growth by the hands of accommodative central banks around the world. Low-interest rates and leveraged up assets only serve to exacerbate the potential for volatility. Last-minute Friday, however, the decade long bull-market appears to remain intact, with higher prices ending the S&P 500 at January 2019 price levels. A major technical support line at 2,650 held. Nobody

Markets caught a cold; but what should you do?

It’s never a pleasant sight to see markets behave in an unlikely way, by going down. Over the last decade of positive returns investors have become complacent and have forgotten what investing is really all about: staying invested over the long-term while navigating volatility. The market’s overreaction to the coronavirus and its subsequent global economic contraction have sent computer algorithms and fearful investors into selling stock positions last week. If any lesson has been learned of the 2008 financial crisis is that investors should expect volatility and that markets do recover. But is the virus threat different and should you make any adjustments to your portfolio? Nobody can predi

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