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Financial Advisor for American Expats

Financial planning and investment solutions for Americans who are international.  Whether you’re retiring abroad or are employed overseas, I remove the complexity around money management, saving for your goals, and protecting against the unexpected for US expats around the world.


Planning for the future doesn't stop when you move abroad. I provide retirement savings solutions and will work with you on planning for short-term and long-term goals and expenses.


Investment firms are closing their doors to Americans overseas. At EurekaWealth Management, I use a global investment platform which allows for professional money management while you're abroad.


It can be challenging to find the insurance you need while abroad. We research  broker health, life, and long-term care and will help guide you to make the decisions that protect you and your family.

Expats face investment complexity


Americans abroad cannot own U.S. mutual funds and owning investments overseas can create tax complexity. It's generally advised to keep your assets in the U.S. to mitigate this complexity. We help provide investment options and access to the professional management of your portfolio depending on your host country. 

At Eureka Wealth Management, we have professional investment management solutions for your U.S. assets. Using low-cost, exchange-traded funds or stocks and bonds, your portfolio is risk-managed and customized to your risk tolerance and goals. This includes semi-annual reviews and adjustments. Normal 1099 tax documents are sent to your foreign address reducing tax complexity.

European residents, as a result of BREXIT, have fewer investment options, however, we may be able to assist in providing possible solutions. Email us for details and read more about this here.

Financial planning for expats


Comprehensive planning around your goals includes an understanding of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. There, I can determine your path to retirement or help implement strategies if you’re already in retirement.


  • Net worth & cash flow analysis: This may include debt payoff strategies or strategizing the sale of assets in order to purchase real estate. I will review ownership of assets as this impacts your estate.

  • Retirement planning: Calculate how much you need to save to reach your retirement goals. Strategies may include using tax-advantaged accounts, such as IRAs. This also includes a Social Security analysis.

  • Investment planning: Analyze your current portfolio and prepare an investment plan that meets your risk tolerance, time horizon, and compliance requirements. This includes semi-annual reviews.

  • Tax & estate planning: I coordinate with your tax and legal professionals and illustrate strategies that may improve your tax and estate situation. This may include charitable giving strategies or funding a trust.

  • Insurance planning and strategies: Expats often find themselves without adequate insurance. After determining your protection needs and potential gaps, I do the research to see how you can get covered. This includes health coverage, life, disability, and long-term care.

  • Small business: Strategies may include setting up a retirement plan to reduce your tax obligation, a review of business risks, and planning for succession.

More and more investment firms are not allowing expats to own mutual funds. Investing offshore is expensive and complicated.  We are an expat-friendly investment firm with the mission and capabilities to keep you with peace of mind.

Working together


Let’s starts with an initial consultation via Google Hangout or Skype. We will discuss your short, long-term goals, and top financial priorities. We will also define the scope of the engagement, frequency of meetings, and pricing. This meeting is at no charge and is the first opportunity to get to know each other and determine how I can help.


The second meeting will be to further establish priorities, as well as confirm data and findings. We may screenshare in order to obtain further financial information, such as bank balances, investments, or other items.


Finally, we will hold a plan presentation meeting where we discuss various strategies and scenarios to help you reach your goals. This also includes assistance with implementing the financial plan. Once your plan has been implemented, our meetings may turn into semi-annual reviews to make sure that you’re on track toward your goals and to address any changes.

Matthew Davis is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor℠. He graduated from San Francisco State University in Economics and worked as a financial advisor for more than 12 years. He studied Japanese at Osaka University Extension and Czech at a private school in Prague. From a family of expats, he seeks to help resolve some of the complications as it relates to personal finance from living overseas. 

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