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How to retire in Mazatlan and why you should

The dream of forever sunshine, glorious beaches, and wonderful people is yours in retirement. More than 2 million Americans live in Mexico, according to the Guardian^1, but I think the number is much greater.

If you're doing financial planning, you may realize that your income in retirement (social security, pension, dividends, etc.) may not be enough to give you the quality of life that you're used to. Mexico is the alternative to an overpriced retirement in the states as the cost of living is less than half.^2.

The cappuccino index, one of my favorite indicators, illustrates Mazatlan's cup of frothy joe costs $1.61. San Francisco pours the same joe for $4.46^3. Real estate is also much less expensive than in major US cities. A quick search in southern Mazatlan showed a 3-bedroom, oceanfront condo was going for $359,000.

However, living abroad isn't for everyone. There are cultural and language barriers, although many locals speak English in Mazatlan, making people hesitate before giving up the states. “You feel like you are living life to its fullest each and every day,” says Deborah Rodriguez, who lived in Mazatlan for the last 9 years and founder of Tippy Toes Spa. “Life just seems richer here.”

Crime in Mexico is also exaggerated in the media. Mexico relies on tourism greatly since it accounted for 16% of GDP in 2016. Most reports of violence are limited to cartel activity and not in the tourist centers.

If you're about to retire and considering relocating, you should know what your cash flow in retirement will look like. Take into account U.S. taxes as the IRS follows you everywhere you go. Medical expenses can be paid out-of-pocket or covered by global, private health insurance that’s comparable to the cost of higher premium Medicare.

At Eureka Wealth Management, I can help you move abroad when you retire. I compare cash flows and illustrate how much greater your quality of life can be in Mazatlan, or wherever you’d like to go. I also prepare your investments so that you’ll remain compliant with your new foreign address. Call me for a free first consultation at (760) 537-0791 or online at

Deborah Rodriguez is the author of best-selling books such as, “The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul”.

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