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California’s firestorm and its financial future

The complex fires are devastating California, which so far burned more than 1m acres. It has destroyed my father’s home in Vacaville, which is also the location of Silent Stay Retreat Center. Many are facing the consequences of losing their homes, such as possible homelessness (my parents are fine!) financial loss and a loss about how their future will unfold. This crisis, along with the pandemic, has pressed California’s once-famous surplus into a deficit, expected to reach $54B.^1 As the fight against climate change becomes ever more urgent, not all is bad news in light of certain monetary and economic conditions. California is facing bleak environmental reality. Residents have to grapple

The emerging risks of ESG investing and our awesome responsibility

American investors, the world’s wealthiest, have an awesome responsibility to promote our values throughout the world by being diligent in how we invest. ESG investments take on an emerging reality as investors continue to flock toward investments solely based on performance and expected return. These investments have included technology companies, namely, Facebook, Amazon, and the like, as wells as the less obvious sovereign debt of totalitarian governments, like Belarus. First, as an investor, you should carefully weigh the risks of investing and determine if and when you’ll need your money back. Assuming that you’re financial plan is in place, you may have the freedom to choose how to inv

Protecting yourself as an expat against a falling U.S. dollar

Dollar strength is a big deal for expats who rely on income from their portfolio and Social Security benefits, which are based in USD. This was a trying year for the dollar is its index dropped 10% from the March high as the government initiated major stimulus; there is a direct correlation between the two. Here, we will explore the impact on the dollar and how, as an expat investor, to protect yourself from a further decline. During major financial shocks, the dollar is the world’s safe-haven asset. Global investors buy-up the dollar as a means of protection, bidding up the price. At the beginning of the Covid-19 recovery attempt, the dollar enjoyed the expected boost followed by a massive

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