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The new Tax bill could increase your taxes

Major changes were proposed, and now that the House passed a budget, tax reform is one step closer to becoming reality.

Surprise! Tax rates are proposed to go up, not down, unless you’re at the top rate. The bottom 10% marginal rate will increase to 12% and the top 39.6% marginal rate will decrease to 35%.

To make matters worse, your taxable income will increase if you itemize deductions.

The new standard deduction is $12,000 per taxpayer.

If your mortgage interest and charitable contributions are less than the standard deduction then you will just take the standard deduction.

Have dependants?

You can no longer claim dependents on your tax return nor can you claim head of household.

Over the age of 65?

Proposed tax reform will decrease your deductions and you will no longer be able to deduct medical expenses.

Say hello to the new tax "postcard" return. Note the GOP plan is to tax 1/2 less on investment income than wage earners.

This is the first in a series on the tax reform bill pending current review and a vote by Congress no later than November 14. If it passes, it would be the most significant restructuring of the tax code in decades and will have repercussions for Californians.

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