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My Enlightening Experience at the Market Technician Association Symposium in NYC

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Market Technician Association Symposium in New York City. As an attendee of the association for over a decade, I was excited to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new professionals who share my passion for predicting market trends and learned valuable new tools for improving investment management.

The three-day symposium included a tour of the New York Stock Exchange and featured some of the top trading enthusiasts in the industry. Among the attendees was hedge fund manager Stephen Cohen, who briefly joined us to honor renowned market technician Tom DeMark with a Lifetime Achievement Award granted by the organization.

During the event, we discussed the advantages of technical analysis relative to fundamental analysis. While fundamental analysis focuses on a company's financial health and intrinsic value, technical analysis uses historical price data and chart patterns to predict future market movements. The technical approach allows us to quickly gauge the market's mindset to help us determine if we're on track to make gains this year.

The general consensus among the experts at the symposium was that we can expect the bull run to continue through 2030. However, the long-term bull cycle may come to an end at that point. With the impact of rising interest rates – the first time after 40 years of declining rates – we anticipate new realities in the markets going forward. Long-term investors can find some comfort in that certain equities and commodities generally perform well in rising rate and inflationary markets.

At Eureka Wealth Management, I maintain a disciplined approach to investing, which includes diversifying across major asset classes. I also consider factors such as clients' time horizons and tax situations when designing and managing portfolios. I give extra weight to asset classes that show technical outperformance in the near term, providing a potential advantage for clients. Other services also include financial planning, insurance, and retirement analysis. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 760-537-0791 or book online at


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