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Stocks or real estate; which is better?

Should you put your money in stocks or real estate has been the question of generations but there should by now be enough evidence to point us toward an answer. Keep in mind that basic principals of keeping your investments diversified, understanding investing tax consequences, and keeping cash flow under control is paramount and should be analyzed before making any investment decision. With that out of the way, however, how has real estate faired compared with stocks and are there substantial reasons to invest in one over the other? Before we review the data, it’s important to note the tax benefits of both asset classes. Real estate in the U.S. as an investment (ie. rental property) can pro

Year-end tax tips

This is the second year of the so-called, “Trump Tax Cuts” aka Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted at the beginning of 2018. Controversies around these cuts, other than adding to the national debt, is that it capped itemized deductions to $10,000, including state and property taxes. Californians and New Yorkers with large properties and high incomes may be facing a larger tax-bill, even if the marginal rates shifted more favorably across the board. So what, if anything, can people do before this tax year comes to end? Here are a few things to consider. First, keep in mind, that for many people these tax cuts might be favorable over the long run. If you think that tax rates will increase in the fu

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