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How planning gave this family nomadic freedom

Financial planning clients and world travelers, Thomas Murphree and Frank Camacho, gave up solitary life in San Diego two years ago and haven’t stopped adventuring since. They have traveled much of the U.S., recently visited New Zealand, and are currently on an extended exploration of Europe. Their success wasn’t by random chance. Frank left his full-time job at Ojai Valley Inn five years ago after they had built up their virtual administrative and website business, Virtual Virgo. Their business is allowing them to explore the world without the inflexibility of having a single place to call the office. More Americans are recognizing that a house, car, and other belongings are holding them ba

Finding purpose in retirement

Your financial advisor may tell you that a successful retirement has everything to do with how much there is in savings followed by the cost of your lifestyle. Less is discussed what you’ll be doing during retirement, which may actually have a larger impact than the former, with the chance to create additional income or by settling on a less expensive lifestyle. There is a squeeze on resources for the Boomer generation. Health care and housing expenses continue to go up, outpacing investment growth rates and general inflation^1. Subsequently, retirees are being forced back into the labor force or are delaying retirement altogether. They are taking Social Security early^2, which may be punish

Expat without a retirement plan? Here’s a solution.

If you’ve moved overseas to open a business or to work for another company you may be wondering how you can contribute to a retirement plan. It's certainly not easy as rules range from limited investment options to not being able to contribute to an IRA unless your earned income is sourced in the US. It's also worth noting that any investment you make overseas requires additional reporting along with your US taxes. Everyone has their own unique circumstance for moving overseas and each case is different, however, here are some things to consider as you make plans for retirement savings. For those who have moved overseas to work for a foreign company, you may already be enrolled in the stat

How options can protect against a portfolio decline

Options are sophisticated financial instruments that can help protect a portfolio from a decline and even provide additional income. Although options are not frequently discussed among regular investors, in fact, they make up of $542 trillion worth of derivatives in the marketplace^1. This tool should only be reserved for investment professionals as it also comes with exceptional risk when not properly utilized. I was in Japan planning a Shinkansen train trip from Tokyo to Osaka. I was on the way to purchase the full price ticket when I walked passed a ticket trading shop. Walking in, I discovered that you could purchase tickets in advance for a preset price. For example, if I wanted to go t

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