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Finding purpose in retirement

Your financial advisor may tell you that a successful retirement has everything to do with how much there is in savings followed by the cost of your lifestyle. Less is discussed what you’ll be doing during retirement, which may actually have a larger impact than the former, with the chance to create additional income or by settling on a less expensive lifestyle.

There is a squeeze on resources for the Boomer generation. Health care and housing expenses continue to go up, outpacing investment growth rates and general inflation^1. Subsequently, retirees are being forced back into the labor force or are delaying retirement altogether. They are taking Social Security early^2, which may be punishing in the long run, and they may even need to rely on government assistance, which is everything but guaranteed in the current political environment.

Finding purpose in retirement opens a door to new possibilities after finishing a long, established career. And, purpose is more than just earning additional income. It gives rise to new possibilities and expands your ability to go about the world, serving your community in the way that you sit fit. Many retirees keep the door open to consulting, teaching, volunteering, and many others. Part-time work improves cash flow and gives the retiree a sense of purpose during retirement. “People may think being of service is a sacrifice. In fact, service is whatever brings you joy and meaning in life” says Gwenievere Maria, Founder of the Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County, Inc. “The first step is to recognize how much you’ve done in your life and then you will see how much you still have to give.”

Retirement planning is more than dividing your lifetime accumulated savings by your annual spending, it’s a conversation about what your plans are during the golden years and how you will fulfill your lifetime commitment of continued service. At Eureka Wealth Management, I have these conversations with my clients and map out cash flow strategies that encompasses many scenarios, including receiving additional income from continued service during retirement. I also advise on tax & estate strategies, investments, and insurance. Call for a free, initial consultation at (760) 537-0791 or online at

Gwenievere Maria, Minister & Author, offers private practice and workshops on finding purpose in the S.F. Bay Area. For more information, visit or call (415) 435-3395.


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