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How this startup is taking on Wall St

Two of three floors in a building in Chelsea, Manhattan, there are standing desks, dogs, and cold brew on tap. This is Betterment HQ, the home of the startup that is taking on the Wall Street old guard. They are also my technology partner, back-office, and custodian for clients' assets. I was fortunate to attend the advisor conference last week, meet the team, and learn how they are helping our clients and plans for the future. They have made big strides in streamlining complex investment transactions, reducing client costs, and adding tax mitigation strategies for clients. Using behavioral finance, they are keen to keep clients from making grave investment errors, such as selling assets dur

Fewer options left for a recession fight

It’s common to hear that we’re “overdue” for a recession. 11 years after the Great Financial Crisis, we’ve only seen double-digit growth in most years, and an eager willingness to conform to this sense of false reality. Now, suddenly, news breaks out that global growth is deteriorating, President Trump is all but Tweeting for a stronger reaction by the Federal Reserve, and Germany is predicting a recession in the 4th quarter. But, with this U.S. President betting his re-election on a strong stock market, what more will they do to keep markets afloat? Central Banks around the world face an even tougher conundrum: heavy unemployment, negative interest rates, and deprecation in their currencies

A financial checklist for relocating to the U.S.

As U.S. companies struggle to find local talent, they continue to import labor from overseas. There are just not enough software engineers, for example, in the U.S. to meet demand and it’s a boom for foreigners eager to have a career in the states. If you’re moving to the U.S., you may be wondering what to do with your money left overseas and what about taxes and insurance? This article serves as a small guide. First, congrats on your relocation and welcome to the United States. If you move to the U.S. after the first six months of the calendar year, then you may be eligible for non-resident alien tax status.* This is a special type of tax status that can mean no capital gains tax on non-U.S

Securing your financial information

Last week, it was a former Amazon employee and self-proclaimed “hacker” from Seattle, WA. that broke through the steel barrier of the third-largest credit card issuer, Capital One, which exposed 105m peoples’ financial and personal data. Last year, the Equifax security breach resulted in the release of 143m Social Security numbers and personal data. It would be nice to believe that the threat is over and that we’ve finally learned how to create an impenetrable system but that’s wishful thinking; the risks have never been greater. So how can you protect yourself from the vulnerabilities of the institution that you’ve entrusted your money and financial information? Unfortunately, there’s no pe

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