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Great AI tools to help jumpstart your new business

If you’ve been waiting to start your dream business, now might be the best time as the latest AI tools may make the process easier and may even help you reach success sooner!

Of course, not everyone is up for self-employment, but if you’ve been on the sidelines, overwhelmed with all that’s involved with starting a new business, the new AI revolution may provide an easier path forward. Whether you’re opening a coffee shop, writing and selling a book, or have any other idea; all of these require a business plan, domain name, website, brochure/business cards, and so on. Life is a bit easier now that much of this can be automated.

It’s important to note that AI has already disrupted many creator jobs; people who design logos, write business plans, and web designers to name a few; they soon might be looking for new work. If willing, it’s always worthy to support real artists as much of what AI produces could in fact be stolen work, text, and ideas previously created by people.

Here are some resources to help jumpstart your business:

If you need help creating a business plan, you can use Chat GPT or, which have shown to be helpful in crafting an outline of what you need to do (typical business plan). If you’ve already created a business plan, you can input it for feedback, just say "Give me feedback on the following business plan".

To find a new domain name for your website, check out and input your idea; it creatively generates available domain names. Once you find a domain name, you can make the purchase by clicking the link: it will take you to to finalize your domain name purchase.

You can create a free website on and click AI-generate. Type in your business idea with as much detail as possible and then watch it auto-generate a baseline website based on your idea. You can edit all of the text and images. Framer can host for free or you can upgrade to create a customized URL.

Another website and presentation generator is

If you’re looking to create courses online, check out

If you want help writing a blog or book, check out and

For artists who would like to earn passive income by printing their art on mugs, t-shirts, etc., you can use dropshipping services to do all of this for you, such as and

For a comprehensive list of many AI tools, check out

At Eureka Wealth Management, I help my clients look for a better path forward, not just with their investments, but also with their time, and help them achieve their dreams, which may be opening up a new business. I also do retirement planning, insurance, and tax/estate strategies. Call for a free initial consultation at (760) 537-0791 or book online at


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